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COVID Protocols

The Highest Standards

We are thrilled to share all the hard work we have put in to make sure our office exceeds even the highest standards for reducing the risks of Covid19 spread. We would love to review any of these protocols with you or your family further if you have any concerns.

HEPA 13 Air Filtration:

Every room or space in our office has a dedicated hospital grade HEPA 13 Air Filter that is running constantly. This level of filtration allows air turnover at a rate that far exceeds any current recommendations for indoor spaces.

HVAC System Upgrades:

We added UVC Sterilizing lights within our office venting system to further clean the air, as well as upgraded HEPA air filters for the whole office system.

Enhanced Sterilization and Protections:

All of our sterilization measures inactivate all Coronaviruses, including Covid19. Our staff have enhanced barrier protocols including N95 or Level 3 masks, face shields and gowns. We have acrylic barriers for our front desk team to protect both our team and our patients.

Patient Screening:

All patients, parents, team members and doctors are screened daily before entering the office. All patients answer a health questionnaire and everyone has their temperature taken and documented to verify they are healthy prior to coming inside. In compliance with city and state mandates, masks are required for everyone entering the building. Patients are requested to stay in their cars until informed it is time to come in the office.

If you have questions regarding these protocols and safety measures please reach out to Email: Dr. Eric Dixon